Monday, June 28, 2010

aarti chhabria | Actor lodges complaint against rumours linking her to Headley

MUMBAI: Upset with the rumours linking her to alleged Lashkar-e-Taiba operative David Headley (49), starlet Aarti Chhabria has lodged a complaint with the Mumbai police commissioner to investigate the "malicious and false buzz."

 When media reports suggested that Chhabria, who has acted in films such as 'Tum Mere Ho', 'Shootout at Lokhandwala' and 'Partner', hit town with Headley after being introduced to the "charmer" at a party, she quickly approached a law firm. Advocate Hitesh Jain wrote to the police chief on Wednesday evening that "false allegations are being made that Aarti Chhabria knew David Headley or dated him."

Chhabria has denied that she ever knew Headley or even Rahul Bhatt. She said that although she has been a member of Moksh gym for the last four and half years, where Headley is believed to have worked out and where Bhatt is an instructor, it did not mean she knew Headley. She said she has been "staying in Shyam Niwas in block 5A for the last 13 years and that she has been going to Moksh gym for last four and half years, but does not know Bhatt or Headley."

Jain said the rumours seek to malign Chhabrias reputation. The actor has said the police must "immediately investigate as to who is spreading these rumours and take action", as the allegations have caused her, "tremendous mental and physical agony."

She said she is "willing to co-operate with the investigating agency if required." Advocate Jain said the only other time when the police were called upon to quell mischievous rumours was when a bank sought action against false allegations.

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