Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Best Headband Wearing Ideas from Celebrities

Headbands are known to be very fashionable. They seem to be one of those trends that have remained popular for quite a while. In fact, many celebrities have been seen wearing headbands within the past year or so. If you want to wear a headband style that has been seen on one of many different celebrities, then here are just a few of the best ideas for wearing bands from celebrities.

Curly Hairstyle With a Thin Headband

Hayden Panettiere has frequently been seen wearing this hairstyle. To achieve it, you will need three things - a thin headband, a curling iron and a hair styling product. All that you need to do is create curls with the curling iron. A medium to thin sized curling iron, which will create small to medium sized curls, will work the best. Then, add the small headband in the very front of your hair. If you have bangs, you can leave them out or you can curl them with the rest of the hair and use the headband to hold them back. To hold in locks, add a styling spray, gel or mousse. Although you can use any color headband, Hayden Panettiere usually wears a black one.

Bun Hairstyle With a Thick Headband

Many celebrities, such as Hilary Duff, have been spotted wearing a bun hairstyle in combination with a thick headband. With this hairstyle, you can choose to wear your bangs inside or outside of the headband. However, wearing them inside is more common. Choose the one that is thicker with bright or bold colors or one with a patterned design. The main emphasis will be placed on the headband you wear with this hairstyle, so be sure to choose one that you like.

Ponytail Hairstyle With a Colorful Headband

Lindsay Lohan is well known for wearing a ponytail hairstyle with a thick, colorful headband. Much like with a bun hairstyle, a lot of emphasis will be placed on the headband that you wear. This hairstyle tends to work the best when it is worn in combination with a plain outfit, such as a black or white t-shirt and jeans. Although you can pretty much choose any color and design you desire, Lindsay usually goes with a brightly colored, thick headband that ties in the back.
Headbands are very trendy right now. You can easily provide a new look to your personality by adding several different types of headbands. One or more of these celebrity inspired headband hairstyles can work great, but you should feel free to wear any headband the way that you want. Whether you want one for fashion purposes or simply to hold your hair back, there are a wide variety of headbands. You should wear the headband hairstyle that makes you feel the most comfortable.

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