Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Laser Hair Removal: An Effective Way Out

Laser Hair Removal: An Effective Way Out
by A Aaronson

Virtually everyone has suffered from unwanted hair at some point in their lives. Whether it's on your legs, back, face, or bikini line, chances are you've plucked, tweezed, shaved, or waxed, with less than satisfactory results. You may have even tried electrolysis. Thankfully, those days are through! Laser treatment offers a faster and less costly solution to unwanted growth while delivering a reliable and effective process with long lasting results. What could be better?

This is a procedure which uses a laser to remove unwanted growth from various parts of the body. During the process an intense, pulsating beam of light passes through the skin to an individual follicle. The heat emitted from the beam essentially damages the follicle, thus inhibiting future growth.

This option proves most effective on people who have dark hair and light skin. And while this method will effectively slow the growth, it is important to note that permanent removal is not guaranteed. It typically takes a few appointments for this treatment to provide work, giving the patient an extended hair-free period. In addition, periodic treatments may be required to maintain the best results.

Skin type and hair color can greatly influence the outcome of this procedure. Though laser treatment is most effective on individuals with a lighter complexion and darker hair tones, the process can also be beneficial for people with darker skin pigments. Generally, the procedure is not recommended to those with gray, white, or blond ones.

Risks pertaining to this method include:

Skin irritation: Scabbing or crusting with temporary irritation Pigment changes: Studies show that the process may darken or lighten skin in the treated area. This side effect is most common in those who have darker skin tones, and especially when an incorrect laser is used with an incorrect setting. Thankfully, most of the time, this effect is temporary. Blisters, scarring or other changes in texture: On rare occasions these symptoms have become apparent post treatment.

If you've decided that laser treatment is the way to go, it's important to choose a physician who is board certified and experienced in performing this type of procedure.

Prior to scheduling your appointment you should call to set up a consultation in order to discuss the various options available to you. In this way, you will be able to relay any concerns you may have as well as ask any questions you've come across during your research.

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