Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Laser Hair Remover

Find the Best Info On Laser Hair Removal Treatment
by M Smith

Laser Hair Removal Treatment - Are you eligible? If your hair is darker than your skin you might be okay. Not recommended that whatever person tanning with dark hair do this. If you are tanning, you will have to wait until your tan fades. Then you can move with laser hair removal treatment. In case you tan but have light hair, this treatment not recommended for you.

For black skin you might not want to do it. Pigments in dark skin will absorb laser energy. The darker your skin is the harder it is to perform laser hair removal. and you need more treatments and the cost go up as well.

In most areas of the body You can make the treat. The main areas: Bikini Line,Neck, Legs and Face, Chest,Back, Underarms. Cannot make laser hair removal around the eyes. The laser is harmful to your eyes so you have to bust eye protection during the remedies.

When preparing for laser hair removal treatment you not want to use any additional kind of hair removal product. That means no twee zing or waxing or anything similar. Its hard to perform if there is no hair there to remove!

You also not want to burn or moisturize. In case you tan the laser could burn your skin and in case you moisturize the laser possibly could block the laser energy. Avoid both of these at all costs!

How much can you expect to spend? So the cost will vary depending on your location and laser treatment facility. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery on 2003 survey, the average cost per treatment for each of the followers regions was:

West: $479 Midwest: $496 South: $341 East: $471 National Average: $386

Find local laser hair removal clinic in your area and ask for the costs. If they happen to be a bit too high for you check the closes surrounding laser hair removals clinics. possibly they cost more in your price range. Save in head when doing laser hair removal that it not mean 100% of your hair will be gone. Each person is different and some may require more treatments than others.

Always ask professional to find if laser hair removal is just for you.

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