Saturday, June 26, 2010

Most Beautifull Ladies Jeans Variety

Cowgirl Jeans - Western Ladies Jeans

This is beautiful pocket cowgirl jean. Same great comfortable mid-rise fit.

Cruelgirl Georgia Relax Fit Jeans - Cowgirls jeans Style 2010

 This is comfortable boot cut leg with finished outer leg slit jeans.Its look unique in its variety and so much hot attraction.

Winged Tulip Discharge Jeans - Western Ladies Jeans

These denim jeans by AdiktD are so cute and oh so comfy!  With 2% Spandex you'll just love these jeans. 

Cowgirl Up Molly Jean - Cowgirls Jeans Collection 2010

Molly Jean, Midrise, Keystone belt-loops, Flaps back pockets, Boot cut, Dark Stonewash w/ hand finishing. The cotton/spandex mix make for supper comfort while still holding their shape and comfortable fit throughout the day. 

Cruel Girl Relaxed Fit Jeans - Western Ladies Jeans

This dark stonewash jean gets this look from permanganate, whiskers, hand sanding and grinding. Also features blue embroidered detailing on the back pockets. Stretch. 

Relaxed Fit Jeans - Cruel Girl Jeans 2010

 This medium stonewash jean gets this look from tacking, hand sanding, and grinding. Tipped back pockets.

Winged Cross White Jeans - Women Jeans 2010

These boot cut jeans feature a zipper and two buttons fly, large belt loops and gray stitching accents. Look great for any occasion in these jeans! Imported. 

Blue Fitting Jeans - Women Fitting Jeans

 This is new collection of fitting blue jeans. 

Black Lady Jeans - Ladies Jeans 2010

 The look is effortlessly sexy dressed up or down. With boots or heels. The fit flatters your curves, but comfortably so. The style is Wrangler, but made your own when you choose your rise, wash and hundreds of occasions to wear them.



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