Friday, June 25, 2010

Wedding Dress Trends

by Jamie Hanson

Wedding season is in full swing this year, with the greatest percentages of weddings taking place in June, July, and August. The late spring and summer months are popular for weddings due to a greater selection and availability of flowers, better options for outdoor venues, etc. One of the most important aspects of planning a wedding (for the bride, at least!) is finding the perfect wedding dress. 

Traditionally, bridal gowns have been white, long, with veils, trains, and detail work. Today's brides have many more options as to shade (ivory, candlelight white, white-some brides even choose color accents and detail work), and length (tea length, anyone? How about knee length?). Veils are optional, with some brides opting for fresh flowers in the hair while others choose between blusher veils, shoulder, elbow, fingertip, waltz, chapel, and cathedral length veils. Tiaras are also popular, with or without a veil.

Current wedding dress trends include asymmetrical cuts-this can be achieved by gathered material up on one side (ruching around the waist), uneven neck or hemline, or bows/rosettes strategically placed. One-shoulder dresses are also emerging this year, probably due in part to Michelle Obama's gown at the Inaugural Ball. Simple dresses are also popular, which offers greater possibilities for accessorizing. And although long, elegant dresses will never go out of style, shorter dresses are becoming more popular, especially for destination weddings-think waves and sand. 

Vintage styles are also gaining popularity, especially from the 1950's era. Birdcage veils and tulle skirts are two features of this style. Sheer elements are "in," whether it be the bottom portion of skirt, sleeves, or wraps, today's bride has the "light and breezy" option. While color for the bride used to be a big no-no, today's bride can accent her gown with colored sashes, colored detail work (beads or embroidery), bows (bows are popular now too), and more. If you want to stay traditional but still have color, having a big, bright, colorful bouquet is also a current wedding trend. What about sleeves? Although it seems like strapless has been the staple for the past several years, experts say sleeves are coming back into fashion-light or sheer fabrics in short or three quarter sleeves.

If you are planning a wedding in 2010, you'll have plenty of options to choose from as you shop for your dream bridal gown. From blusher to cathedral veils, tea-length to floor length with train, white to color, you are sure to find the perfect dress and be in style.

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