Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Amna Shafaat

Success is never be-all and end-all for anyone. After success it is bread buttered on both sides. One fathoms that in modelling, one has to do as the roman’s do. But Amna doesn’t falls in such category; she has created her own Rome, where others have to adjust themselves. A field where mafia seems to be in control as many gurus say, it takes much confidence and courage to survive in such field. One may cogitate that in fashion field days of survival are numbered, until and only you give cardiac surgeons a tough time, but such is not the case with Amna Shafaat. The famous adage goes, she is beauty with brains. She has proved that the perception of dumb girls joining the modelling field, is dumb in its self. 
Either you choose any specific bandwagon, surviving Pakistani showbiz in solitude is impossible. Believe me the mafia in fashion field is not a cock and bull story, rather they are living in clover. Amna has endured the fashion field with scrupulousness and veracity. Her entry in fashion field might have been prudish for her fellow models. It was a fluke neither but moderately it was a good omen. She has never fatigued for wining smile and wining face rather they came as a package from nature, which made her grasp the right field for herself.
There are many itches and pricks in this field, but when you have the right calamine lotion there is no stopping you. One has to be prophetic and apocalyptic with sibylline style to live the norms of this field, but this diva seems to possess them for long now.

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