Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Vaneeza Ahmed nicknamed Vinny (born June, 1971) is a Pakistani model and actress.

Vaneeza Ahmad has earned herself a reputation of being the most famous and sought-after female model and celebrity in Pakistan. Initially interested in medicine with a degree in psychology, she joined modelling as a casual hobby only to be become the face of some of the leading brands in Pakistan. She is probably the most photographed model in the country and has done shoots or shows for almost every, if not all, designers in the country. Her unconvential looks proved to charm the nation, as did her leggy form and graceful carriage.

When Nilofer approached Vaneeza, she was unsure of which career to pursue and settled for fashion modelling. Her initial walks at fashion shows led fashion critics to praise her elegance on the cat-walk. In dealings with corporate heads of the entertainment industry, her business acumen was similarly praised

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