Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer's Biggest Fashion

One of summer's biggest fashion accessories is your hair. Long or short, curly or straight, it can be your best asset when completing a dynamite outfit.
Is today a day where you just want to pull your hair back into a ponytail and be done with it? Work with your natural texture, from straight to curls, and grab Goody Ouchless flex headbands, available at Wal-Mart, with comfortable tips that don’t dig in behind your ears.
And when it comes to summer hair, no matter what style you have or accessories you add, your 'do will be a don't if your hair isn't healthy. Make sure to get a regular trim or cut, and no matter what type of hair you have, choose cleansing and styling products that cater to your hair needs.
If you are in serious need of repair from heat styling or chemical treatments, you may want to consider a keratin treatment.
During the summer, with all the humidity, UV rays, sea water and pool chemicals, hair can take a beating. Treat it with some TLC and extra moisturizing conditioners, oils or lightweight sprays. Be extra careful when brushing post-pool hair, and don't be afraid to give your hair a break from blow dryers and other styling tools.
The style
Summer cuts are all about texture. You'll still see a lot of layered and fringe cuts. The bob cut still remains strong as it can be tailored to the lifestyle of the individual, but asymmetrical bobs are fading, and the one-lengths are gaining ground.
Summer hair also means working with your hair's natural tendencies. Got beautiful springy curls, slick straight locks, or luscious waves? Humidity, sweat and swimming can really mess with your style if your used to getting up, blow-drying, and then straightening or rolling your tresses. So don't stress it, just work with it.
Wavy or curly hair? Grab some scrunching or defrizz spray and go with it. Straight-haired girls revel in the smooth shininess. Show off what you've got and save the styling time for more fun in the sun.
When it's hot, most women look for a claw clip or ponytail elastic, but this summer is about looking carelessly polished. Those messy pony buns or undone top knots aren't going to cut it.
For a put-together style that will also keep you cool, try a ballerina bun. It's more "done" than last year's counterpart, with only a few wisps loose for texture. Pull hair into a low pony, add a texturizing spray or balm to shape, and then twist. Secure with a few pins, and voila! For a few twists, put it slightly to the side of your nape for an asymmetrical feel, or add a big flower accent.
Braids are all the rage this year, from accents across the front to full on French plaits down the back. Herringbone, rope and other woven braids are also popular. For ladies with long hair, this can be an elegant style for the evening, but it will also keep you cool in the afternoon heat.
Finish off your look with one of this summer's hottest hair accessories.
Headbands are still going strong, with metallic, feather, bow and beaded accents. Embellished, vintage and bow barrettes are making a comeback, but keep them oversized or ultra small for a chic look. You'll also see delicate and bedazzled hair combs to add a bit of bling to your look.
Adding big flowers such as hibiscus, peonies, roses and other brightly colored blooms to side-swept hair, half-up 'dos and buns can create a really easy, carefree or polished and elegant look.
If you are adding a bold hair accessory, keep other accessories, and your style, simple. You don't want everything to compete.
For a little something extra on your traditional ponytail, add a pin or pretty button to your elastic holder, or you can use a stretch bracelet.

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