Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tokyo Girls Collection

"Tokyo Girls Collection" know as TGC is happening March, 3rd 2009 and this time around show is 2 days long. The show which attracted well over 20,000 young woman all over Japan the previous season is expanding to more wider audience. With this expansion TGC committee is expecting double in audience than last time.

So here is the details. The 2 days collection is separated in to 2 parts. Day 1, is "Tokyo Girls Collection" which will show off popular designer's brands targeted towards 20~30 years old woman. Celebrities and well known models in Japan will make an appearance on the stage or the runway wearing the Spring / Summer collection of 2009.

Following the next day, "Shibuya Girls Collection" takes over. This collection is aimed at young teens to early 20's. The show is constructed from popular and emerging brands in Shibuya currently. From it's debut, this is it's 3 rd time to walk the runways, and has high hopes of becoming one of the trendsetter from world famous Shibuya, Tokyo.

At these events, one of the unique things you can do is actually buy the product via mobile phone while looking at the collection. Website address will be given at the beginning of the event and you can purchase whatever models are wearing from your seat. E-commerce while the show is going on is becoming an standard ways of interacting with the customers at this event. Search terms entered from it's phones will be cloud sourced as "What's Hot Right Now" and will be displayed at the screen for enjoyment.

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