Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chelsea Clinton's Marriage Ceremony

I don’t know if you’ve been told, but it’s hit the wire and the next Clinton powerhouse, Chelsea Clinton will soon be Mrs. Mezvinsky.  This is going to be a wonderful marriage of brains and brains when the two tie the knot next summer. 

Many people have said that Chelsea isn’t a looker.  However, I think that she’s quite beautiful, and I’m excited to see where her future takes her.  She announced on Friday via email (many may not have received it because it went to your junk box…

“We’re sorry for the mass e-mail but we wanted to wish everyone a belated Happy Thanksgiving! We also wanted to share that we are engaged! We didn’t get married this past summer despite the stories to the contrary, but we are looking toward next summer and hope you all will be there to celebrate with us. Happy Holidays! Chelsea & Marc.”
Mezvinsky, whom she first met in D.C. and then got to know better at Stanford University before they began dating, also has political parents. So this powerhouse may follow their family’s footsteps right into politics as well. 

Chelsea and Marc been dating since 2005 — he’s an investment banker now, and she’s in grad school at Columbia University.
During the most recent presidential primaries, the former first daughter broke her policy of not speaking to the media (as was her practice since dad Bill Clinton was president), and campaigned for her mom, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. 
Chelsea is 29 now, which means that she’ll be married before 30, which is still a golden rule in many circles.   Not mineJ
Congrats to Chelsea and Marc!  May they be happy for a lifetime with swells of babies and giggles.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Atiqa Odho is a famous Pakistani television and film actress who has acted in numerous film and television

Atiqa Odho was born in Karachi, Pakistan on the 12th February 1968. She is married, and has three children. She started her professional life as a trained make-up artist and hairstylist in 1989. While working as a make-up artist for various advertising agencies in Karachi she was discovered by the very renowned and senior television personality, Anwar Maqsood. She starred in his play, Sitara Aur Mehrunissa in 1993 that turned her into a household name in Pakistan overnight.

Atiqa Odho has since worked in many popular television and film projects and has been actively involved in both media and the fashion industry in Pakistan and abroad.

She belongs to Jacobabad, Sindh. Currently she is engaged in philanthropic activities.

She has been working for Shaukat Khanam Cancer Memorial Hospital, Fatmeed Foundation and nowadays working as a social worker in "Hamara Mulk, Hamaray Log".

Television Long-Plays
AAKS: 1991 / PTV
Writer: Ms. Naila Ansari Director: Mr. Ghazanfar Ali

Writer: Mr. Anwar Maqsood Director: Ms.Atiqa Odho

Writer: Dr. Anwar Sajjad Director: Ms. Saira Kazmi

Writer: Mr. Mohd Ahmed Director: Ms. Marina Khan

Writer: Mr. Mohd Ahmed Director: Ms. Marina Khan

Writer: Mr. Mohd Ahmed Director: Ms. Mehreen Jabbar

Writer: Mr. Zafar Miraj Director: Mr. Kamran Qureshi

Writer: Mr. Sarmad Sultan Khoosat Director: Mr. Sarmad Khoosat

She debuted in Anwar Maqsood's Sitara aur Mehrunissa while later chose to move to the film world starring in a string of hits which included Jo Darr Gya Woh Marr Gya, Mummy and Mujhe Chand Chahiye.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Womens Latest, Stylish Footwear Trends

All of us know that Shoes are the most important part of women attire. Her Charm, attraction and beauty, her sense of style and the statement of herself find completion with the right pair of Shoes. with its unique look and matching color scheme with thier suit. So find the pair that defines you! Here we have some of the best collection from Metro Shoes.

 As per Indian and Pakistani Traditional Culture, Traditional shoes widely used and preffered in Pakistan and India. As well as fancy and party wear shoes are selling like hot cakes now adays. Ladies sandals, khussa and crystal shoes designs are very popular now a days. All made of leather and available in many colors and designs. These shoes are hand-made and are made with very care and high perfection.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Fashion Bites Newspaper Latest Fashion Shoot


The Fashion Shoot was published in Fashion Bites Newspaper (July Edition).
Models: Fouzia Aman, Sarah Benato and Hamza
Photography: Usman Malkani
Hair & Makeup: Asma & Nighat @ Depilex
Designer: Maria B., Emraan Rajput
Coordination: Umer Mushtaq

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bollywood Hairstyles

Hairstyle How Importance? Every Women Known Well! but South Asian Women Particularly Indian and Pakistan have more importance for it. and Bollywood Actress are most carefull about their hairstyles. Some Bollywood Actress HairStyle.

Hair dressing may include cuts, weaves, coloring, extensions, perms, permanent relaxers, curling, and any other form of styling or texturing.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Your Nails Perfectly Paint

During the summer, we all want to  look bright and cheerful. Maybe during the fall and winter, the French manicure is the standby. But during the summer months, we all want to see a  little color, especially peeping out of those adorable leather sandals or wrapped around your beach towel as you head for another glorious day of sunshine. I personally cannot stand not having painted nails in the summer, especially on my toes!

As soon as the toes are done, I want to have the perfect painted fingernails to match. Toes are easier—you can use your dominant hand the entire time, and your toes are normally farther away from friends, family, and co-workers, so any little smudges or mistakes are not something to sweat over.

But your fingernails—that’s a first impression! Well done fingernails are a great touch to a firm business handshake or to wrap around your latest beau’s hand.
Here are some tips and tricks to give you the perfect painted fingernails from home! Check it out.

1. Start with nail polish remover. Take a cotton ball swab and swipe over all your fingernails, even if you don’t have nailpolish residue on. It removes grease and dirt and helps your nailpolish to hold on!
2. Apply a base layer strengthening coat, starting with your little finger, with a few light strokes. A base layer keeps your nails from staining from a strong color, like red or black!
3. Take some time; let your nails dry with the base layer, or else it will get all smudgy!
4. Next is your color nail polish, the main event!  Apply in light strokes, first stroke straight down the center of the nail, and then one down each side. Take your time to make sure the brush isn’t super overloaded with nailpolish, and that you apply the nailpolish slowly and firmly. You can do two coats of your main color if you need to, but if it’s a very strong color, it’s not necessary. Make sure the first coat is completely dry before you add another. TIP: Leave a little gap at each side of the nail: don’t go all the way onto the cuticles because that looks messy! And don’t try to go all the way to the edge of your nails on the right and left, because that can look super messy really quick too. Leaving a little gap gives the illusion that your nails are longer, too!
6. Finally, the top coat! Top coats are clear polishes that seals in the polish and protects it from chipping. You don’t need to apply much- just one stroke down the middle is all that’s necessary, but a little stroke down the side if you want a super glossy finish!
7. Once every step is done, take a little Q-tip and dip it into the polish to remove any stains on your fingers or mistakes.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Some Unique Style Bangles, Bracelet and Chodi

Pakistani and Indian Bangles or Chudi are traditional ornaments worn by South Asian women, They are worn after marriage to signify matrimony.They are circular in shape, and, unlike bracelets, are not flexible. The word is derived from Hindi bungri (glass). Think of eastern jewelry and the first thing that comes to mind is bangles.


Not just any bangles, but glass bangles that go chuunn with each movement of the wrist! Typically worn by the nobility in days gone by, these ornaments have since become very popular with women of all ages. The romance connected with chooree kee chankaar has not only been an integral part of our heritage but is now a part of all festive occasions in our culture.

Bangles are a symbol of femininity and delicacy. In Pakistan & India, bangles with elegant designs are worn on all special occasions and functions. Bangles make the wrists of women appear graceful and give an extra beauty element to their overall look. Noise of bangles makes the hearts of men sway with love.

Matching bangles with dresses also make the outfit look beautiful. hey are made of numerous precious as well as non-precious materials such as gold, silver, platinum, glass, wood, ferrous metals, plastic, etc.