Thursday, July 15, 2010

Custom-Fitting Earrings For Your Face Shape

But from shoulder-skimming strands to simply stunning studs, the latest earring looks are so varied that you'll have no trouble finding the most flattering pair for you. 

The Right Earrings for Your Face Shape

Round Face

If you have a round face - one that is essentially as wide as it is long - you'll want to choose earrings that elongates and adds a little angle to your face. Try long, narrow earrings with a wee bit of curve that draw the eye downward instead of in a circle. Square, oblong and rectangular earrings are also options, as are dangling and angular earrings.
Steer clear of: circular earrings, such as hoops, as well as tiny studs and button earrings.

Oval Face

An oval face needs, well, not much. This almost "ideal" face shape finds its width at the cheek bones and tapers smoothly in either direction, with a chin slightly slimmer than the forehead. Almost anything goes for an oval-facer, so grab that spiraled dangly pair of earrings, slide in a pair of classic studs, look cute in button earrings, or go wild with more elaborate, dazzling looks.
Steer clear of: to avoid sporting a too-long face, don't wear incredibly long shapes that will just pull you down.

Heart-Shaped Face

The divine heart-shaped face, characterized by a wide forehead, stunning cheekbones and a tiny cherubic chin, require earrings that mimic the face's shape, but upside-down. Chandelier and teardrop earrings, as well as triangular earrings that have the tapered point at the top, work well to broaden the chin and narrow the forehead. Even circular and oval earrings will work with your face shape, so long as they don't taper as they descend.
Steer clear of: earrings that mirror your face shape, such as those that come to a point at the bottom, or, obviously, heart-shaped hoops.

Square or Angular Face

If your face is accented by a strong, square jaw line and an angular forehead that are close to the same width, you have yourself a square face shape. Add a little length to that visage, and you're rectangular. For earrings, you're in need of a pair that will soften your features, taking a dash of edge off your look.
As long as you avoid harsh angles and square shapes, you can wear just about anything in the earring category. Hoops and curved edges will add the necessary roundness, and drop earrings, long tear drops, or multi-tiered dangling earrings will give a square shape some length. If you fall in the rectangular category, avoid much length, tossing in the shoulder-kissing drops for wider, circular shapes or thicker earrings that give your long face some width.
Steer clear of: square, rectangular or harshly angled earrings that echo your face shape.

Got the rules to finding the ideal earrings for your face shape down pat? The next step is finding the perfect pair.

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