Thursday, August 5, 2010

Abaya or Burga, Jilbab , Arabic Gownz

Arabic Gownz, Jilbab or Abaya is most favorite dress of Muslims females specially in middle eastern, south Asian. Abaya dress is mostly use in Muslims countries. Abaya is known as '' Hijaab''. Abaya is mostly long dress for fully cover there clothes. woman's want always look fabulous and beautiful. Some Famous designers are designed these outstanding and gorgeous Abayas Dresses. Abayas fashion mostly use in Arabic countries. Arabic women mostly
like these Abayas Dresses. In pakistan Abaya is also known as Burqa. Every season Abayas launched in black color for that black is most running color in Abayas. Now some famous famous designer's introduce Abayas in many new and outstanding color with beautiful designs.

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