Monday, October 11, 2010


Dabaang is now India's biggest opener now with 81 crores earned in just the first week. This title was previously held by blockbuster 3 Idiots.

Dabaang is a blockbuster now and it has gathered some exceptional reviews. However, do you think that Dabaang deserves this success?

I watched the movie few days ago and despite it being very entertaining, I don't think it's worth so much attention. First of all, the movie has brilliant songs. All songs are worth listening to and some of them are just beautiful. Secondly, the comedy is great. You will laugh throughout the movie.

It seems like Arbaaz Khan tried to make a movie similar to Boney Kapoor's Wanted. Today's bollywood is filled with movies showcasing the modern generation influenced by the West. However, Dabaang and Wanted have brought back the old 80-90s movies back starring action heroes like Sunny Deol. I loved watching Wanted and I liked Dabaang too but unlike Wanted, Dabaang lacks a strong plot. It has several loop holes. For example, when the heroine's father died, why didn't she suspect Salman Khan for murdering him? Nonetheless, it is an entertaining movie and you should all watch it with your family.

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